Bondtesting & Micro Materials Testing



The 4000TPA bondtester is multipurpose, capable of performing all pull and shear applications. The 4000TPA bondtester can be configured as a simple bond wire pull tester or upgraded for ball shear, die shear, bump pull, vectored-pull, or tweezer pull tests.

Standard function:

  • Wire pull
  • Solder ball pull
  • Peel
  • Can be upgraded to perform shear

Key Features:

  • Wire Pull
  • Tweezer Pull/Peel
  • Ball Shear, Solder Ball Shear and Die Shear dependent on the system configuration. Each of the eight standard test heads incorporate four default software selectable operating ranges, with a further six available on request.
  • Additional options include Cold Bump Pull, Vectored Pull for micro BGA, and automatic testing for small geometry packages
  • Internal SPC software to provide basic analysis
  • Fully ODBC compatible to exchange data with external Statistical Process Control systems. System control is provided through an external PC running Windows.


Standard function:

  • wire pull
  • Solder ball pull
  • Peel
  • Cold/hot shear)

Nordson DAGE’s intelligent bond testing software Paragon™ takes bond testing to the next level. The highly intuitive and configurable interface provides quick and easy access to advanced functionality, such as built-in diagnostics, a unique database search engine wizard and superior reporting; increasing efficiency and providing 100% confidence in your bond testing results.

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful software with the latest C# (C-Sharp) software technology
  • Less training for operators as Paragon™ software uses the same Windows™ concept, terminology and categories as the current 4000 software
  • Fast and reliable MS-SQL database stored on the local system or on a network
  • Selectable operating languages
  • Reports can be saved and printed using customized MS Word templates
  • Test results can be saved directly to Microsoft™ Excel and Word as well as Adobe™ Acrobat, while graphs can be exported in common formats, such as .jpg, .tif, .png and .bmp

4000Plus Bondtester

For smaller geometries.

Standard function:

  • Wire pull
  • Peel
  • Solder ball and copper pillar pull
  • BGA and PCB pad pull
  • 3&4 and Cantilever bend
  • Cold/hot shear

The second generation Nordson DAGE 4000Plus is the most advanced bondtester on the market.  Representing the best-in-class, the 4000Plus bondtester sets the industry standard in bond testing offering unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability of data, providing complete confidence in results. The 4000Plus multi-purpose bondtester performs shear tests up to 200kg, pull tests up to 100kg and push tests up to 50kg, covering all test applications including new hot bump pull and micro materials tests. This system is also ideally suited for applications such as pull and shear testing of wafer interconnections, lead frames, hybrid microcircuits or automotive electronic packages.  

4600 Automated BondTester

Fully Automatic wire pull and shear.

Improve reliability and throughput while reducing human influence. The 4600 Bondtester is a benchtop system designed to automatically perform complex test procedures without needing operator input. The system can automatically complete shear and pull test patterns with different orientations of bonds, while recording failure mode images upon completion.   


R&D Materials Tester.

Standard function:

  • Pull
  • Shear,
  • Bend
  • Cyclical test
  • Scratch
  • Tackiness
  • Indentation
  • Acoustic microphone
  • External signal input
  • Cold/hot shear
  • Thermal shear chamber

Nordson DAGE’s new micro materials tester – Prospector™ is designed for the most advanced failure analysis investigations. It brings 5 new test perspectives into the one instrument to ensure you can Find Every Failure™. Prospector™ is the most advanced micro tester on the market and covers the widest range of test scenarios. You no longer need multiple test machines to find every failure. Multiple interchangeable test modules mean you can easily test any new unknown sample, immediately – everything from shear, compress, bend, peel and even micro tweezer pull.  Prospector is ideal for testing semiconductor devices, PCB’s, individual components, medical devices and composites. 

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