Assembly Solutions for Surface Mount Technology

Dicing Systems
Printing & Placement Solutions
Reflow Ovens
PCB Transport and Handling
Selective Fluxer
Laser Marking and Cutting Machines
SMT Cleaning Systems
Robots, Solder, Dispensing, Screwing
Heat Staking Machines
Cleaning Technology
Conformal Coating Solutions

Automate your processes

Cobot Cells
Adaptive Robot Grippers
PCB Handling & Automation
Collaborative Robots

Consumables for your PCB/A needs

Solder Materials
Cleaning Products
& Solutions
Solder Tips

Test and Inspection for SMT/TH

X-ray inspection
& X-ray component counting
Automatic X-ray inspection
Nordson Bondtesters
Acoustic Microscopes
AOI – SPI – ACI - Single
& Double side

Process Improvement

Optical Solutions
Dry Storage Solutions
Cleaning Machines

Manufacturing Execution Systems

MES Software