PCB conveyor System – Handling & Automation

Conveyor Systems

Standard Features:

SMEMA interface. Touch screen operation.
  • Link Conveyor
  • Work Table
  • Gate Conveyor Normal Open Type
  • Gate Conveyor Work Table Type
  • Shuttle Conveyor
  • Slide Conveyor (Fixed rail Changer)
  • Inverter (Vertical Turning Type)
  • Turning Conveyor (Horizontal Turning Type)
  • Multi Function Turning Conveyor
  • Horizontal Multiangle Turning Conveyor
  • Line Up Conveyor
  • Reject Conveyor

Buffer Stacker (magazine type)


  • SMEMA interface.
  • NG Stack in FIFO/LIFO and Loader/Unloader function available.
  • PCB damage prevention function.
  • Touch screen operation.
  • Dual clamps to prevent magazine warp.
  • LED tower light.
  • Clearance (Top: 25mm & Bottom: 25mm).



Magazine Loader CE Type


  • SMEMA interface.
  • Top & Bottom pneumatic clamps to secure magazine rack.
  • Easy operation with user-friendly software.
  • LED tower light with buzzer.
  • Pneumatic Pusher’s Pressure regulated.
  • Touch screen operation.
  • Clearance (Top: 25mm & Bottom: 25mm).

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