Dispensing Robot






  • The X, Y axes in linear double-slide way design, featuring strong load capacity, good stability, long service life and low noise
  • The Z axis in double slide ways + lead screw design, having superior accuracy and stability
  • With the closed-loop control design of the imported servo integrated motor, it has stronger overload capability, no loss of step, low noise and more accurate speed control
  • Precise pressure reducing valve, more precise pressure regulation and lower pressure drop
  • With the digital display pressure sensor, it can set the upper and lower pressure limits to facilitate the operation and maintenance.





  • Developed specially for work drum glue dispensing, the glue dispensing controller mounted in front to reduce the impact of the gas circuit on the glue dispensing accuracy
  • The main body adopts an integrated soldering frame, which has stronger structural strength and is more stable
  • Built-in dispensing controller, simple appearance, small size and saving space
  • Characteristic design, built-in gas storage tank, close solenoid valve, short gas circuit, quickly providing the glue dispensing pressure and fast response.
  • The processing program is displayed real-timely and can be switched by pressing the button, which is convenient and fast
  • The X, Y, Z axes adopts imported linear double slide ways and belt + pulley, having strong load capacity and better stability.






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