Auto screwing robot




The ES 7 series auto screwing robot features high precision, high speed and strong flexibility. It is equipped with SMarTsol self developed screwing system, which can provide users with convenient programming instructions, abundant screwing parameter s settings, and more memory storage . It can be quickly and flexibly applied to multiple screwing operation sites such as single station production , assembly line man machine coordination and automation integration , effectively ensure the quality of work and improve production efficiency.


  • Strong applicability, especially suitable for automatic production line assembly operations.
  • Flexible motion, fast speed, high repeat precision, the average screwing time is less than 2s/piece.
  • Full three dimensional support for high speed continuous motion of any three dimensional spatial curve.
  • Integrate d multiple screwing process parameters , convenient and quick programming.
  • Continuous feeding with fixed torque, having optional function s of counting, missing prevention , screw slippage and floating lock
  • With visual guiding technology, suitable for occasion where the workpiece or fixture accuracy is not high, effectively improve the operation quality
  • Extensible real time torque detection module for process monitoring.


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