S Series Stereo


The S Series have been installed and tested in the field for more than 10 years!

Featuring a Magnification Range from 6.7x up to 45x! Systems come standard on a “Flex” Articulated arm with table clamp and Led Ring Light with intensity control. All are easily upgraded and reconfigurable through additional stands, available lighting, and interchangeable eyepieces and auxilary lenses.







Binocular Microscope S  Series with ochers of 10X, 0.5X aux lens, articulated metal FX arm, with pole and clamp, and aluminum led light.

The best option in the industry to inspect and rework or assemblies under high temperatures or chemicals or gases.


    • Sealed and maintenance-free optics.
    • Magnification range from 3.35x to 45X.
    • 100% metallic articulated arm to dissipate heat and not receive any damage.
    • Led aluminum lamp, to absorb heat and dispose of it and not degrade or damage.
    • With accessories, the system can magnify up to 250x.







Zoe Autofocus Video system with articulated arm LED lighting and 24 ”HD monitor.


  • Macro autofocus video system to inspect and assemble with live video and magnification range from 1x to 30x.
  • Ability to save images and video in HD.
  • With articulated arm LED lighting with intensity control.









Macro zoom video system with FHD EOS camera, macro zoom lens in dual boom stand, led ring light and 24 ”HD monkeys.


  • Macro series video system, to make inspections in low magnification, and replace magnifiers and microscopes, in real-time image 60fps, HD.
  • Designed for general inspection areas.
  • With a magnification range from 1x to 65x.
  • Dual boom base, solid and robust so that the image is perfect and std led light.


Micro zoom video system with Smartcam FHD camera with measurement and live notes, in a base track, stand with top and bottom lighting, with led light and polarization, with 24 ”FHD monitor.  


  • Micro zoom inspection system, designed to inspect at high magnification and high resolution, with a magnification range from 10x to 250x.
  • With accessories, you can configure the optics for up to 1250x.
  • The best optics in the market and the best option for the areas of NPI, R&D, QA, Incoming and all the areas where it is required to see something that does not look microscopes magnifiers.
  • With the ability to make live notes, measurements, export in Excel, and save images and video.
  • With polarization in optics to eliminate any reflection of bright parts and eliminate any aberration to make accurate measurements.


STD Bank Magnifier with 5 Diopter lens, 5.6 ”glass and Led lighting. With articulated arm clamp for table.






ESD bench magnifier with black coating for sensitive areas in static electricity same specs as the UPA std above.





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